health benefits of mangosteen juice

What are the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice?

As an important extract of the Mangosteen fruit, Mangosteen juice has been used in the prevention of various diseases. This purple fruit of the tropic may contain certain health benefits apart from its delectable taste.

Mangosteen fruit is very revered in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore where it is mostly grown and consumed, though its health advantages have made it famous in other parts of the world too.

Popularly known as “Queen of Fruit”, Mangosteen fruit is composed of an antioxidant known as xanthones and has a high level of vitamin C and folate, which makes it a perfect defense for the immune system.

The many health benefits of Mangosteen juice have increased its popularity. Mangosteen juice as extracted from the fruit also has so many medicinal and health benefits.

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What are the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice?

With an abundance of antioxidants in Mangosteen juice, it is no wonder a bite of the fruit gets one hooked. Mangosteen juice health benefits include the following;

  • Improves diabetes control
The Best Antioxidant Juice

Mangosteen juice is commonly used in the management of diabetes. Mangosteen juice is rich in fiber, has low calories and no cholesterol which helps to fight obesity, promotes metabolism and aids weight loss. With the juice containing a high quantity of Xanthones, Mangosteen is especially effective in the prevention and control of anti-inflammatory diseases like diabetes.

  • Reduces the chance of cancer

Mangosteen juice typically contains xanthones which helps to lower the risk of cancer. Although xanthones have not been proven to cure cancer but regular intake of Mangosteen juice which has xanthones can help reduce the chance of developing breast, lung and stomach cancer.

  • Keeps the skin healthy

One of the most crucial Mangosteen juice health benefits is its effect on the skin. Mangosteen juice with its accompanying antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protects the skin from common skin diseases like eczema. The elimination of free radicals from the skin removes the visible sign of aging and keeps the skin younger for longer. Xanthones present in the juice revitalizes the skin and removes inflammation which is damaging for your skin cells.

  • Boosts immune system quickly

Mangosteen juice contains heaps of vitamin C, which is notable for its defense of the immune system. Vitamin C in Mangosteen juice produces white blood cells that are essential for the immune system. In essence, Mangosteen juice has antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The phytochemical contained in Mangosteen juice is essential for the prevention of the growth of bacterial in the gum and are beneficial for the overall dental health in human.

Is Mangosteen Juice the Best Antioxidant Juice?

Mangosteen Juice is one of the best antioxidant juices. Commonly sold in plastics, glass and metal can, Mangosteen juice is also referred to as “Xango juice”. Mangosteen juice contains xanthones which has up to 20 antioxidants in it. This helps to stabilize cells and protect them from oxidative stress.

Final Thoughts

Mangosteen juice with its nutritious quality has so many health benefits. The presence of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C makes it medicinal and effective for anti-aging and prevention of certain cancers from growing.

Where Can You Buy Mangosteen Juice?

People have reported buying Mangosteen juice at their local helth food market. Depending on your location, you may find mangosteen juice in a store very similar.

You could also get the benefits of Mangosteen juice and four other proven superfruits in one high antioxidant drink.

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This high antioxidant juice combines 5 of the world’s most powerful antioxidants in one great tasting drink. Noni, Pomegrante, Acai Berry, Goji Berry and Mangosteen – all work together to help boost your immune system daily.

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