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What are the Health Benefits of Goji Berry Juice?

Goji berries also known as wolfberries are bright orange berries native to China.

These berries are believed to be the reason for the longevity of people in Tibet, China. Goji berries have a long history in Asian traditional medicine.

As such, there are yearly celebrations in honor of Goji berries in the region. Juice extracted from berries are recommended in most healthy diets. Read on to find out if these berries are worth the hype.

What are the Health Benefits of Goji Juice?

This simple and sweet fruit is a nutrient-dense pack. Here are some benefits of consuming goji berry juice will offer you.where to buy goji berry juice image

Vision Enhancement

Goji berries contain compounds that help to improve visual function. They protect the retina cells against dysfunction and visual impairments.

Anti-cancer and Anti-tumor Effects

Goji berries’ ability to inhibit the development of cancerous cells is more than most foods. It can also enhance your body’s defenses against the growth of tumors.

Diabetes Treatment

Polysaccharides in goji berries play an active role in reducing blood sugar levels. They have hypoglycemic effects of increasing glucose responsiveness. Thus, they can be used to treat type II diabetes.

Weight Loss Effects

The berries are rich in fiber which increases satiety. They are sweet and so reduce cravings for sugary foods. They also have low calories and so are perfect inclusions in weight loss diets.


Along with herbs like Ganoderma and licorice, goji berries are used in liver detoxification. It is believed to be a remedy for kidney stones. However, a doctor’s prescription is recommended for this purpose.

Skin Health and Anti-aging Effects

Its amino acids, vitamin C and beta-carotene contents will help improve your skin glow. You can take the fruit to prevent or reduce acne breakouts. They prevent wrinkling and other aging effects on the skin.

Fertility Improvement

Goji berries help to increase testosterone levels, sperm count and vitality in men. They are used for treating women with ovarian failure and premature ovulation.

Increased Energy Levels and Moods

Regular consumers have a general feeling of health and wellness. It assists in digestion hormonal balance and maintains upbeat energy levels and moods.

Best antioxidant juice

Is Goji Juice the Best Antioxidants Juice?

Goji berry juice is the latest addition to the health experts’ list of super drinks. One of the reasons is its high antioxidative potential. The body produces harmful free radical which must be eradicated by antioxidants.

Research has confirmed the high antioxidative potential of goji berries. It contains carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins and polysaccharides. These compounds are responsible for its antioxidative activities.

In a comparative research of antioxidant property of fruits, goji berries ranked higher than most. The others were oranges, apples, black and blueberries, grapefruits and plum. Goji berry juice may not be the best antioxidants juice but they are highly antioxidative.

goji berry in the best antioxidant juice


The health benefits of goji berry juice prove that it’s a fountain of health and youthfulness. It is super easy to make your own goji berry juice.

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