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The 5 Best Natural All-Purpose Cleaners You Should Use In Your House

We’re all aware of the adage, “You are what you eat“. It makes sense. What you put into your body affects your health.

But, what we’re not always so aware of is that what touches our bodies also affects our health. The shampoos, soaps, and sunscreens we use are absorbed into our skin. Many products include harmful chemicals.

It’s not just beauty aids we need to watch out for. It’s our cleaning products as well. Many of them contain harmful chemicals that can affect our health.

We’re committed to creating a happier, healthier planet. With that in mind, here are the five best organic cleaning products on the market.

1. Mrs. Meyers Makes Great Organic Cleaning Products

If you’re looking for one company to purchase all your organic cleaning supplies from, look no further than Mrs. Meyers. They make household cleaners, laundry detergent, and even body care products.

The company began when one of Mrs. Thelma Meyers’ daughters walked down a grocery aisle and noticed all the chemicals in cleaning products. She decided right then she’d create products that worked well and smelled like her mom’s garden.

All products work extremely well on getting out dirt, grime, and dust while smelling great. And they’re all reasonably priced.

2. Method All Purpose Cleaner is One of the Best Natural Cleaning Products

Method makes one of the best non-toxic cleaning products out there. Unlike other natural products, are readily available at most supermarket chains and other stores like Target.

The best organic cleaning products smell nice, are non-toxic and biodegradable. Their bottles are 100% recyclable and they don’t test on animals. Method cleaning products are affordable as well.

Method makes a wide variety of organic cleaning supplies. You can buy everything from hand lotions to laundry cleaner.

They’re so committed to producing a good product that isn’t harmful that they share all the ingredients they use. Listing ingredients in household cleaning products aren’t required by law. In fact, it’s common for many companies to not list certain ingredients on their bottle.

3. Better Life

Better Life makes the best organic cleaning products for specific household items. Yes, you can get an all-purpose cleaner from them, but that doesn’t always work best in every scenario.

If you need wood polish or tile and stone cleaner, Better Life has the best natural cleaning products available. Those with stainless steel in their kitchens can purchase an organic product specifically made to clean these appliances.

Best of all, you can buy one gallon of these products, which will help you cut down on the amount of plastic you’re using.

4. Grab Green

Grab Green makes some of the best natural cleaning products available today. Selling everything from hand soap and laundry detergent to all-purpose cleaners and room fresheners, you’ll find everything you need from this company.

They use non-toxic ingredients that are solvent, phosphate, and ammonia free. They’re also made from biodegradable materials and are encased in recyclable packaging.

They also feature lovely scents like red pear with magnolia, but you can also buy their products unscented.

5. BioKleen

Biokleen makes some of the best non-toxic cleaning products available, especially if you need to deal with tough stains and odors. For those with pets, you’ll love that their products are pet-friendly.

Their products also have live enzyme-producing cultures. These cultures help break down stains and odors naturally.

Their Bac-Out stain remover is their most well-known products. It can remove stains like red wine and chocolate and is a must-have for anyone with pets or kids.

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