Healthy Foods

How can healthy snacking taste so good? It’s simple. We select the right combinations of wholesome ingredients for better flavors and healthier benefits. It’s a difference you can taste right away… and feel all day. Our Simply fit product line has a wonderful assortment of options you and your whole family will love.


Get your day started off right with our Simply fit granola. Every crisp, crunchy bite of our granola is free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Delicious goodness that’s better for you as a cereal, topping on your favorite treat or just as a handy snack. Try this tasty treat in Blueberry Crip or Vanilla Crunch.

Hot Cereal

On the cold days, fill your bowl with a hearty blend of whole oats, grains, and a touch of cinnamon. Our hot cereal has no preservatives or chemical additives. It’s ready in an instant and is perfect for any time of day.

Snack Bars

Tasty, satisfying, low in calories, chewy snack bars that are packed with whole grains, protein, fiber and ALA omega-3’s The come in a number of great tasting flavors. Options include Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Yogurt Berry Parfait, Chocolate Chip Drizzle, and Chocolate Caramel Coconut.


Our popcorn is light and delicious without the unpleasant film grocery store brands leave in your mouth.
It also meets USDA organic standards and certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Includes no trans fat, cholesterol, preservatives or artificial flavors. Options include Natural Butter and Classic Salted.

Baked Crackers

Still looking for more great snack ideas? Try our wholesome and delicious baked crackers. These delicious crackers have fewer calories, less fat and less sodium than other brands. You can enjoy these crispy crackers alone or with a dip. My suggestion is to enjoy them with friends. Options include 7 Real Cheeses and Harvest Grain.

and So Much More 

No matter what you’re looking for. We probably have it or a better option. Explore some of those options today and learn how you can begin taking the positive step in the direction of better health.