7 Tips for Choosing Healthy Treats for Dogs

While finding healthy snacks for you isn’t difficult, finding the right treats for your dog takes some research. Dog treats should be both tasty and delicious for your pet. But how do you find these kinds of treats?

Check out these seven tips for choosing healthy treats for dogs.

1. Read the Fine Print

The first step to finding the healthiest treats for dogs is by reading the labels. The label on the packaging can tell you everything you’d ever need to know about the treats.

Watch for where important ingredients like proteins and vitamins appear on the label. The closer it is to the beginning, the more natural the ingredients will end up being.

2. Avoid Artificial Ingredients

Avoiding artificial ingredients is important to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. These ingredients take the form of artificial preservatives. There are many different types of these preservatives that are sold on shelves everywhere.

While they won’t instantly kill your pet, these ingredients are still quite toxic. The best thing you can do is make sure you know what to look for and avoid these types of treats.

3. Protein Is Important

One of the most important ingredients in your dog’s treats is protein. There are many different sources of proteins out there, each of which can be beneficial to your pet.

Protein helps your dog grow strong and lean muscles, especially when they’re young. But beware of treats that may have too much or too little protein. Finding the balance is what really makes the treat healthy.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to protein, there are also a number of other ingredients that are important to your dog’s health. Having a healthy diet means dogs are getting a balance of the vitamins and minerals that they need.

These ingredients can help with strengthening their immune system or keeping their digestive system healthy. Having a combination of vitamins and minerals ensures that your pet is getting the nutrients they need.

5. Meeting Standards of Quality

Not only should the treats you give your dog be healthy but they should also be high quality. But how can you tell?

You can figure out a treat’s quality from the words and phrases used on the package. When they’re marketed as “natural” or “complete and balanced”, it means the treats have been tested and approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

This confirms that the treats you’re feeding your pet are of the quality advertised.

6. Alternatives to Commerical Treats

If you don’t want to risk buying commercial treats, there also natural alternatives that you may have at home.

Certain foods are as healthy for dogs as they are for humans and can be used for training like normal treats. Foods like raw vegetables, unbuttered popcorn, and rice make great, healthy snacks for your dog.

7. Making Your Own Treats

After you find out what human foods your dog enjoys, you can start putting together your own recipes.

Making your own treats for your dog makes it easier for you to know what your dog is eating. This way, you don’t have to rely on others to put the right ingredients together.

What better way to ensure that your dog is getting a healthy, nutritious treat than making it yourself?

Finding Healthy Treats For Dogs

The treats you give your dog can be nutritious and delicious. Healthy treats for dogs can help them grow up to be strong and happy.

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