7 Harmful Toothpaste Ingredients You Need to Avoid

The one common hygiene ritual we all do is brush our teeth. We’re taught that toothpaste is vital to our dental health and is guaranteed to improve our smiles.

Unfortunately, toothpaste is one of the many body products that contain seriously harmful chemicals.

What are the ingredients in toothpaste? Are we doing more harm than good by putting it on our children’s toothbrushes?

Keep reading to find out just how bad toothpaste ingredients are for you.

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Most kinds of toothpaste on the shelves contain artificial sweeteners because consumers expect a peppermint flavor when they’re brushing.

The flavor and sweetness come from aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Aspartame contains methyl which converts to methanol in the body. This can cause serious health issues like methanol poisoning, cancer, and kidney failure.

2. Triclosan

Triclosan is responsible for killing germs and bacteria in our mouth when brushing. While this is beneficial to fight gingivitis, it has bad consequences for the rest of the body.

The United States Environmental Agency has categorized Triclosan as a pesticide; it can kill pests, and also wreak havoc on the body. It’s been known to disrupt thyroid function, cause fertility issues, and cause allergy-like symptoms.

A natural alternative to triclosan is tea tree oil which kills germs without causing a resistance to antibiotics and other chemicals.

3. Titanium Dioxide

This ingredient is included in toothpaste to change the color of the product- there’s no dental hygiene purpose for it.

As consumers, we like our toothpaste to be bright in color, which is what titanium dioxide achieves. Unfortunately, when it’s absorbed into our gums, it can cause brain toxicity, nerve damage, and even cancer.

4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is responsible for the foaming action of our toothpaste. While we enjoy the texture this ingredient creates, it’s awful for our dental care.

In addition to causing bad breath, it can cause canker sores and impede the function of our taste buds. Plus, when it gets spit out into the drain it can damage the environment.

5. Fluoride

Perhaps the most shocking on this list of chemicals to avoid is fluoride. Since childhood, we’ve been given fluoride treatments from the dentist and told to choose kinds of toothpaste that contain it.

Although it’s marketed as a protector of enamel, the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is nowhere near enough to affect your enamel. It creates such a thin layer of protection that it’s barely noticeable.

Additionally, when swallowed, fluoride has the potential to accumulate in your body, throw off the natural balance of enzymes, and cause endocrine dysfunction.

6. Microbeads

Not only is this ingredient awful for the environment when it gets washed down the drain, but it damages your gums.

Microbeads in toothpaste can get lodged in between teeth and stuck in the gumline. This creates an entrance for bacteria to hide and potentially cause gum disease.

7. Artificial Coloring

Toothpastes that have a bright blue color contain the food dye called Blue 1. Besides toothpaste, it’s also used in bath and shower products and cosmetics.

Unfortunately, it’s guilty of bioaccumulation, meaning it builds up in the body and isn’t naturally flushed out. This leads to organ toxicity which is extremely dangerous.

How Can You Avoid These Toothpaste Ingredients?

After learning about the harmful ingredients in your regular toothpaste, you should find a new toothpaste that’s natural and non-harmful.

Toothpaste ingredients should improve your dental health, not impair it.

Check out our products page for toothpaste that doesn’t contain any of the ingredients mentioned above.

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