6 Real Food Vitamins to Replace Your Dailies

Americans spend upwards of $30 billion a year on vitamin supplements. Let’s be real: when was the last time the vitamin aisle at the drugstore called to you? How much did you spend?

Vitamins and supplements are frequently advertised as being cure-alls for popular ailments.

Feeling tired? More B12! Feel a cold coming on? Send back that Emergen-C!

The reality of vitamin supplements is that they’re chock full of other harmful ingredients like artificial colors, carrageenan, and even lead. Since studies show that overloading on vitamins doesn’t actually help, you’re simply adding toxins to your body for no reason.

Enter: real food vitamins. Luckily, certain foods have all the natural vitamins you need for a healthy body and mind– it’s just a matter of choosing them at the supermarket.

Keep reading to learn which are the most vitamin-rich foods, and how to add them to your diet.


Do you frequently feel inexplicably tired? You could have an iron deficiency. Iron is in charge of creating hemoglobin, which travels through your bloodstream and delivers oxygen to all parts of your body.

Lentils are an excellent natural source of iron, and they’re super filling to boot!


Besides being an excellent source of plant-based protein, beans are especially high in folate. It’s a B vitamin that plays a huge role in DNA development and repair.

Since folate is so important for DNA development, pregnant women generally need to take a supplement that contains folate. Prenatal doctors may or may not recommend a supplement, but you can always add more folate to your diet naturally by eating more black and kidney beans!


Kale: the trendiest vegetable around, added to smoothies across the country every day. It’s even made its way onto some fast food menus.

It’s popular for good reason. The leafy green is loaded with vitamins A, K, C, and manganese, an essential mineral that helps nerve and brain function.


Put down that Emergen-C packet and reach for the broccoli.

The little trees are packed with vitamin C, an essential vitamin for collagen production, free radical protection, and giving your immune system a boost.

Next time you feel a cold coming on, skip the sugar in the Emergen-C packet and snack on some broccoli or hummus instead. It’s also a great addition to a salad!


Many fish, most notably salmon, are great sources of vitamin D. The vitamin is essential for a whole slew of bodily functions, and it’s easy to become deficient.

Sunshine is another popular source. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or if it’s been raining a lot recently, add some fish to your diet to boost your vitamin D levels.


Do you get frequent headaches? Are you tired of reaching for the Advil every other day?

You may be low in magnesium. It’s an essential mineral that plays a hand in almost every single bodily process, so it’s pretty important. Add some spinach to your salad, or channel your inner Popeye and have some at the dinner table.

Eating Real Food Vitamins

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