5 Reasons Why These Wax Warmers and Candles Are Better

Christmas is almost here!

That means jingling bells, festive, twinkling lights and for some of us it also includes lots of scented

Holiday Scented Candle Wax
Holiday Scented Candle Wax

Whether you wish to keep the room lit for aromatherapy or need it for a warm touch, we know that you’ll be stocking up candles for the parties this year.

Are we right?

But did you know that as beautiful as they may look, candles can be harmful? Their toxic debris, metal wicks, and the unavoidable soot have long been categorized as air pollutants. Not to forget the smoky effect that leaves many of us coughing.

So what do you do? Do you completely give up on candles?

Nope. We have a safe and sweet alternative for you!

Holiday Scented Candles
Holiday Scented Candles

Here are a handful of reasons why Melaleuca’s Revive candle range is better for your homes:

1. No Sooty Business

Yes, you heard that right. Your room’s atmosphere will not be disrupted with the unpleasant sight of sooty smoke emerging from these products. Conventionally speaking, wax warmers are known to generate a smokeless warm and scent in the room.  That is why people choose them over normal candles.

What’s different in Revive? These warmers are powered by electricity which means there is no flame involved. These electric wax warmers can run for hours! The heat of the light inserted in the wax warmer/plug-in scented oils is responsible for creating the warm effect.

Revive also makes a wonderful soy wax blend candle. Each candle burns up to 40 hours with a lead-free, sootless cotton wick.

2.  Purity Guaranteed

Research shows that many candle companies don’t pay attention to our health or environmental safety. Hence, they are guilty of manufacturing candle wax that is filled with chemicals and has a metal wick that emits lead particles when lit.

Soy Candle Wax
Soy Candle Wax

However, Revive makes sure that its wax melts and soy candles are made from natural wax. They don’t load them with chemicals neither do they use metal wicks. Thus, ensuring that the aromatic candles we use are safe for our homes and the environment. Plus, their distillation feature filters out used wax and provides us with ‘pure scents’.

3. Long Lasting Fragrance

Did you know?

The candles you normally burn melt wax faster than a wax warmer. That means you wind up with more smoke and soot than unadulterated fragrance. So much for aromatherapy! Are we right?

Fortunately, Revives wax warmers aren’t ordinary. Their clever design allows the wax to melt gradually and last longer than it normally would. Plus, our full-size warmers can accommodate not one but three wax melts. So you don’t have to worry about the wax ‘burning out’ in the middle of your party!

Candle Wax Warmer
Candle Wax Warmer

4. Caters to Your Aesthetic Sense

Apart from offering you with a wide array of intoxicating scents, the company tries to add an artistic element to your room. One glance at the range will tell you that each warmer has a stylish, glazed look. Moreover, the larger ones appear as standard lamps while others mimic a ceramic lantern.

How cool is that?

Electric Wax Warmers
Electric Wax Warmers

5. Never Out of Options

Lastly, these safe alternatives have a huge selection of products that can appease to your senses.

Scented Soy Candles
Scented Soy Candles

The main types of products are:

  • The Wax Warmers: You don’t need a candle stand when you have one of these.
  • The Wax Melts: 10 natural fragrances that stimulate your senses.
  • The Soy Candles: A three-wick deliciously scented candle that abides by all the safety rules.
  • The Scented Oils Plug-In: A little oasis that discreetly freshens up the air in your house.

In a nutshell, your love for scented candles and oils can be revived with this wonderful range. They keep your home clean, fresh and fragrant all day long. Without the adverse side effects, you associate with normal candles.

So what are you waiting for?

Stock up on these before Christmas season really starts!

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